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  Pigment is widely used in the paint, printing, rubber, plastics, paper, fiber and cer-amic etc., with the characteristics of,decorating, opacity, time-resistance or special fu-nctions.Dyestuff is not only used in coloring and printing for textiles, but also in the fie-lds of Lacquer, plastics, leather, optoelectronic communication, foods etc. With the development of technology, more and more high performanced pigments and dyes will be developed out in future.


Pigments CAS No.   Intermediates CAS No.
Pigment red48:2 7023-61-2   1-Naphthol 90-15-3
Pigement blue15:1 12239-87-1   2-Naphthol 135-19-3
Direct Dyes CAS No.   2-Hydroxy-3-naphthoic acid (2,3-Acid) 92-70-6
Direct red13 1937-35-5   CLT acid 88-53-9
Direct blue 2 2602-46-2   J acid 87-02-5
Direct black 38 1937-37-7   H acid 5460-09-3
Direct red 4BS 3441-14-3   R-salt 135-51-3
Direct brown 95 16071-86-6   Tobias acid 81-16-3
Direct green 1 3626-28-6   O-chloroaniline 95-51-2
Basic Dyes CAS No.      
Basic violet 10 81-88-9